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invite your MP to attend our event

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why write your MP

Write to your MP (Member of Parliament) if you want to share your opinion about an issue that concerns you. A personalized letter or email from you means that there is a constituent in their riding who cares, and whose opinion needs to be represented on Parliament Hill.

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Building a relationship with your Member of Parliament is a critical lever of change as you can educate, influence, and inspire them to take action on the issues you care about.

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Building a relationship with your Member of Parliament is a critical lever of change as you can educate, influence, and inspire them to take action on the issues you care about.

write a Letter to the Editor (LTE)

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why write an LTE

Write an LTE if you want to make your opinion heard in a timely manner. You don’t need a lot of research, and your LTE can be brief and to-the-point - just 150-200 words! When time is of the essence, choose to write an LTE.

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Once submitted, you can track your letter by doing an internet search of your name and following up with the publication to find out if/when it is getting published.

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Your letter doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion. You simply need to care.

use your voice on social media

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why use social media

Social media is a quick and easy way to speak up and tell Canadian decision makers what you care about most.

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Tweets with images can receive approximately 160% more retweets than those without.

secret tip

When posting on social media, be genuine and speak from the heart. People want to connect with other human beings online, so be yourself and it'll help you get your message across!

Call-to-action summary: 

Our call-to-action for January sets the stage for a year of advocacy to call on Canada to be an ambitious global leader in the response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, plus the prevention of future pandemics.

MP \ ˈem-ˈpē \
: an elected member of a parliament

The next variant of COVID-19 is preventable if there is global political will to end the pandemic and world leaders act together now. Societies can rebuild stronger if world leaders learn from our past and implement a modern-day recovery plan akin to the post Second World War Marshall Plan (an unprecedented plan to rebuild Europe after the devastating war). And the world can avoid a repeat of millions of lives and trillions of dollars lost if steps are taken to prepare for the inevitability of the next pandemic. 
That is why, during International Development Week (IDW), we want to demonstrate the impact of #CanadianAid and to encourage parliamentarian support of an increase in Canada’s International Assistance Envelope (IAE). During IDW Results Canada is hosting “Pandemic Proof the World: a global parliamentary discussion on ending pandemics old and new”.

What is International Development Week? 

International Development Week is an initiative that happens every February to engage Canadians on global issues like poverty reduction and Canadian aid. It is an important time to engage and educate parliamentarians on the issues you care about.

Please invite your MP to attend our event by emailing them this invitation 
You can download the invitation, attach it to your email to your MP, and ask them to attend the global parliamentary discussion on Monday February 7, 8am-10am ET. As a constituent in their riding, let your MP know it is important to you that we create the global political will to end the pandemic, and ask them to attend this engaging event to learn more about COVID-19’s impact on people and health systems in Kenya.  

Need to find out who your MP is?

To find out who your current MP is and their contact information, type in your postal code at and click to search for them. 

As a participant at the event, your MP can expect to hear directly from Kenyan parliamentarians and frontline health workers, as well as experts and survivors on how Canadian parliamentarians can increase global political will to end pandemics that have plagued us for centuries, like Tuberculosis, and new pandemics that threaten our future, like COVID-19. They will also receive a care package designed to immerse them in Kenyan culture and take them on a virtual tour through communities with the health heroes who are making a difference on the ground.   

  1. Introduce yourself and what you are passionate about
  2. Explain the work Results Canada does
  3. Include a link to the 2020-2021 Pandemic Parliamentary Year in Review to highlight all the action and change we have collectively achieved last year (if your MP is in the Year in Review, make sure to let them know)
  4. Share your published LTE (or draft if not published). You can also share one of your co-volunteer’s published LTE who resides in the same riding. 
  5. Let them know you look forward to working with them! 
  6. Refer to your tools for more tips and tricks. 

Once you have introduced yourself to your MP, let us know! Reporting your actions is incredibly valuableand helps us to advance the solutions needed to end extreme poverty. When you report your actions, you provide Results with strategic intelligence that informs future engagement with parliamentarians (MPs and senators) and helps create targeted calls-to-action.

secret tip

Before contacting your MP, do some research to understand more about their background, past careers, passions, priorities, and facts that could be helpful when you engage with them!  

See all our resources to help you write your MP, along with key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords found on our call-to-action page.

Members of Parliament ultimately work for you and you do have power in your relationship with them!

– Lindsay Sheridan, Results Canada staff