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Call-to-action summary: 

We are calling on Canada to stand up for children in emergencies at the G7 in Italy in June by unequivocally condemning violence against civilians, reinforcing the need for humanitarian access and protection and recognizing the unique needs and rights of children living in emergencies around the world.


Italy is hosting the 2024 G7 between June 13–15 with high-level Canadian leadership slated to attend to drive action and political will towards key global issues identified by the Italian Presidency, notably conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East.

This G7 offers a critical opportunity for Canadian leadership to step up and stand in solidarity for children living in emergencies. In times of global strife and tension, leadership and conviction hold a lot of power to change the tide of crises by building diplomatic support. As a member of the G7, Canada has a critical opportunity to stand up for the protection of children living in conflict by reiterating the absolute need to restore humanitarian law, access, and civilian protection, especially for children in emergencies.

Email the Canadian G7 Sherpa ( and explain how you are a passionate volunteer who cares about how Canada shows up at the G7 and on the world stage.

Outline why this is a critical moment in history to protect children from violence and why it is important that Prime Minister Trudeau speaks to the needs of children living in emergencies in his remarks with other G7 leaders and within the Ministerial meetings on Foreign Affairs and International Development. Use the EPIC model of effective communication to help draft your email and don’t be afraid to add your own voice and experience in your email to the Sherpa.

The G7 and G20 Summits are prepared by the Sherpas, who are personal representatives of the Heads of State and Government. Sherpas are responsible for overseeing the negotiations and drafting the Group’s final communiqué. The process incorporates contributions from various tracks, including Political Directors, Foreign Affairs Sous-Sherpa (FASS) and the Finance-Deputies. Please note that using the language Sherpa is outdated in global civil society, but remains the formalized title for those representing the G7 and G20 from government. 

This month offers a strategic opportunity for us to engage with the Canadian G7 Sherpa not only in the lead up to the Italian Presidency in June, but also because Canada is hosting the G7 in 2025. Near the end of your email, mention how Canada has long supported the needs of children around the world in past G7s that we have hosted (Charlevoix, Muskoka) and mention how you hope to see Canada step for the needs of children globally next year when we host the G7 by committing to support mechanisms like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB, and Malaria, a renewal and expansion of the Charlevoix Declaration to support education in emergencies, and political coordination to end malnutrition and food insecurity around the world.

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