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write an op-ed

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why write an op-ed

Write an op-ed to share your knowledge, opinion and passion independently from the newspaper’s viewpoint. Use up to 750 words to make your voice heard by exploring our campaign issue in detail, presenting new insights and ideas, and challenging the status-quo.

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When an issue is dominating the news, that’s what readers want to read about and op-ed editors want to publish. Timing is essential!

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Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate extreme poverty with 750 words, so focus on making a single point clearly and persuasively.

write a letter to the editor (LTE)

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why write an LTE

Write a letter to the editor (LTE) if you want to make your opinion heard in a timely manner. You don’t need a lot of research, and your LTE can be brief and to-the-point - just 200-500 words! When time is of the essence, choose to write an LTE.

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You have a better chance at getting published if you keep it short and sweet (and don’t be afraid to be bold!)

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Politicians are in their jobs because of you! As Canadians, we have voted them into office to represent us. So they want to hear from you to learn what issues you feel are most important.

use your voice on social media

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why use social media

Social media is a quick and easy way to speak up and tell your Member of Parliament (MP) that you care about immunization and access to vaccines. Get public attention and let Canada know that they should continue to be a global leader.

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Twitter is a news-centric platform! 71% of Twitter users get their daily news from Twitter making it a great platform to share and spread your news.

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Politicians are people too! Don’t be afraid to use social media to reach out to them about the issues that are important to you. 94% of online Canadians are on at least 1 social media platform so it makes sense for politicians to be active on social as well.

meet your Member of Parliament (MP)

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why meet your MP

Meet with your Member of Parliament (MP) if you want to make your voice heard by sharing your personal thoughts and stories about why a particular issue is so meaningful to you. Building a one-on-one relationship with your MP is the most effective way to make your opinion known on Parliament Hill.

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Sending a personalized handwritten letter by mail is one of the most influential ways to get your MP’s attention - but nothing tops the effectiveness of an in-person meeting.

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Email us for MP insider tips that can make your meeting stand out, including the latest MP leave behind.

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step-by-step instructions for writing an LTE

Our #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign this month focuses on the impact that income inequality has on the communities impacted most by COVID-19. In the fight against this pandemic, we need Canada to support a global and equitable response by investing in the strengthening of vulnerable communities.

Ask #1: Canada to invest at least 1% of its COVID-19 response in new and additional aid towards a global response.

letter to the editor \ (LTE)
: a letter written to a newspaper, magazine or other periodical about issues of concern to readers, usually intended to be published in the paper/periodical

Ask #2: Canada must commit to a permanent increase in Canadian aid (ODA - Official Development Assistance) to ensure progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ending extreme poverty. 

Write a letter to the editor calling on the government to address in the upcoming federal budget the direct and secondary effects that COVID-19 has on vulnerable populations with an increase to Canadian aid. Explain how we might be seeing the first rise in global poverty since 1990 with at least 71 to 100 million more people pushed into extreme poverty.  Mention the impacts that COVID-19 is having on health systems, education, food security and nutrition. Ask that Canada commit to at least 1% of its COVID-19 response to support a global response, along with a permanent increase in Canadian aid (ODA) in the new 2021 federal budget to ensure that we #LeaveNoOneBehind.

Use our step-by-step instructions below and get your LTE published in the media.

read our top tips

  1. Make it relevant and timely - ideally within 2 days of a current event.
  2. Finish and submit your letter - it doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion. You simply need to care.
  3. Come up with a dynamite title that will catch the Editor’s attention.
  4. Be creative and speak from the heart about the campaign issue.

secret tip

Try to find a local story to connect to the campaign.

In the age of travel, airborne diseases like tuberculosis knows no borders. Do you know someone who has lived with tuberculosis? Raise the importance of investing in global health and ensuring everyone has access to quality drugs, no matter where they were born. 

follow these 8 steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with our current campaign.
  2. Connect our campaign and your opinion with a newsworthy topic or hook that inspires you. Try these ideas:
    • refer here to our key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords
    • do internet research, read the latest news articles, or use external resources
    • refer to past volunteer LTEs to see published examples.
  3. Write your LTE to give your opinion related to our campaign issue. See an example below.
  4. Use our searchable list of editors’ emails to email your LTE to.
  5. Press send.
  6. Send your LTE to your Member of Parliament (MP) to let them know your opinion.
  7. If you belong to a Results group, let your Group Leader know that you’ve submitted an LTE. If you are not part of a group, consider joining one! Until then, fill out this “actions taken” online form.
  8. If your LTE gets published, share it on social media by tagging @ResultsCda and your MP. And make sure to let your Group Leader know!

see an example of an LTE

Feb. 6: Transit task force, teachers’ strike and other letters to the editor

Vaccines can save millions of lives

Re: Vaccination

The recent coronavirus outbreak has shown diseases know no borders. While we in developed nations are aptly (and hopefully) prepared for such outbreaks, those in underdeveloped countries still struggle to protect themselves.

A simple, cost-effective and — despite the anti-vax movement — reliable way to prevent the spread of disease is vaccination. Life-saving vaccines are vital for developing nations since disease and poor health is a major barrier for progress.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised an increased Canadian presence in the international community, but has yet to materialize this commitment.

A compelling and practical approach would be for the Canadian government to provide financial aid to Gavi: The Vaccine Alliance, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).

Millions are at risk. Canada can play an important role in the prevention of disease and helping these people rise out of poverty and into an optimistic future.

— Adam Ranallo, Publication date: February 6, 2020, The Hamilton Spectator


secret tip

Don’t include mention of Results Canada - this keeps your letter looking like it’s your opinion, because it is!

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You can send your letter to as many editors as you like - no need to change it or make it different. The more editors you send it to, the better your chances of getting published.

See all our resources to help you write your LTE, along with key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords found on our campaigns page here.

I remember the first time that I sat down to write my first ever LTE. It was nerve wracking but also very exciting to be able to share my opinion in such a quick and easy way. Pressing ‘send’ can be daunting but you just have to go for it! Remember that you don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion, you only need to care.

- Melanie, Results volunteer