Aaron McMahon

By: Melissa Published: 14/12/2019

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Aaron recently started volunteering with Results Canada and has quickly become a driving force for change: he already got his first letter to the editor published! From a very young age Aaron wanted to be involved with an organization dedicated to those who need it most. This continued into his university career where Aaron was extremely active, volunteering with organizations that work primarily in lower-income areas in Canada, this included food banks and services to better connect people with healthcare resources. Seeing how such a small act could make a big difference in other people’s lives inspired Aaron’s ambition to make a greater global impact and volunteer his time to help others around the world.

Here’s what Aaron had to say about volunteering with Results Canada:

“I was keen on volunteering with Results Canada based on their model of being a grassroots movement combined with strategic advocacy to give those living in extreme poverty a better opportunity in life. It was very important to me to join an organization that could advocate for change and one that continues to grow. Results is a perfect fit for anyone looking to make a change.  You can do so much by simply raising your voice. There is power in numbers and regardless of what you have the capacity to do; you can always make a change. Joining Results Canada has me excited, knowing that the work I do, no matter how little it may seem, will make a difference.”

So thankful to have you Aaron! Thank you for your continued commitment to fighting poverty at every level!

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