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May 7: Why Canada must Support a Temporary Waiver of IP during the COVID-19 Crisis

Canada’s official position is that it is undecided on the TRIPS waiver petition. In the seven months since the petition was submitted, Canada has stalled by asking for examples of where the current system does not work, despite answers being repeatedly provided by waiver proponents and publicly available in WTO documents.

In a domestic context, Canada enacted sweeping federal legislation in March 2020 allowing the production of any product related to the fight against the pandemic, regardless of patent protection. It is this same type of comprehensive flexibility, urgently needed at a global level that is being debated and blocked by high-income countries within the WTO. Read our brief.

April 20 - Canada’s budget is missing a recovery plan for the world

Yesterday, the government announced an additional CAD$375 million towards the global pandemic response, which is part of a CAD$1.4 billion increase in international assistance over 5 years. Much of this CAD$1.4 billion is targeted for spending this year, meaning that Canada does not have a recovery plan for the world and is failing to take action to #StopTheDeadlyDivide. Read our statement.

May 13 at 12pm ET: Results Canada webinar - Parliamentary Engagement 101 (in French only)

Join us for a webinar on parliamentary engagement for beginners. We are going to cover the basics of advocacy, how the federal government functions and how to effectively communicate with a Member of Parliament. Please note that this webinar will be held in French only.

May 25 at 7pm ET: Results Canada Webinar - #RaiseYourHand for education

COVID-19 has created the largest education disruption in history, with the number of out-of-school children growing substantially for the first time in decades. The urgency to act on education has never been greater. Join us for this webinar to learn (or re-learn!) how you can effectively use digital advocacy to #RaiseYourHand for education.

Info session: volunteering with Results Canada

Do you want to know more about volunteering? Register for one of our upcoming online information sessions. Get involved today!

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