17ActionsForIDEP recap: fundraising, taking action, and dreaming big

By: Results Canada Published: 15/11/2023

Throughout October, advocates across the country challenged themselves to fundraise and undertake 17 actions to support our collective efforts to make poverty history through our #17ActionsForIDEP challenge. This campaign is inspired by two important 17’s: The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) on October 17th and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are thrilled to announce that volunteers, staff, and supporters raised $10,332! These gifts will light up more volunteer advocates to take up the charge and change the world. By strengthening our volunteer program, donors to the campaign are investing in our most valuable and effective resource: people.

At Results we dream big, and we set an ambitious goal for our #17ActionsForIDEP campaign. While we didn't quite meet it, we're really excited by the passion shown by our volunteers, donors, and supporters alike. There's power in community.

Thank you to all those who fundraised, took action, and donated in these tough economic times.

We would especially like to thank our remarkable volunteers. You have raised funds but – equally important – you have also raised awareness of the #PowerOfAdvocacy. By tirelessly advocating whether by engaging with your Member of Parliament, raising awareness through social media and within your community, or writing a letter to the editor, you continue to be the agents of change, bringing us closer to a world free of extreme poverty.

IDEP serves as our moment to challenge ourselves, understand the causes and consequences of poverty, and engage in deeper actions to end extreme poverty. Every year in October, we work build momentum and ramping up efforts to achieve our mission. Together, we are actively shaping a brighter future for those living in extreme poverty.

If you could not join us for #17ActionsForIDEP or still want to do more, consider becoming a monthly donor so that the work of Results Canada to end extreme poverty is consistently supported throughout the year. Even only $10 a month can have a big impact! Donate today.

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